Writing Portfolio & Press


“Vision of Spring” and “Autumn Equinox” Sunday Mornings at the River, Fall 2023 (forthcoming)

“Pilgrim” and “Nightfall” Solum Press, Fall 2022

“Beyond Sight” The Pub, Fall 2022

“Witch, Accused,” “Forget-Me-Not Spell,” and more Fife Folklore Anthology, Summer 2022

“Glasgow Blues” The Pub, Spring 2022

“Aubade” Augustine Collective Anthology, Spring 2022

“A Thousand Ships” The Lickety Split, Fall 2021

“Midrash: Eve,” “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy,” and more Solum Press, Fall 2021

“Craigtoun, February” The Pub, Fall 2021

“Hope” Transept’s In/break Exhibition, Spring 2021

“Act II, Botanic Garden” ST.ART Magazine, Spring 2021

“Forbidden Fruit” The Pub, Spring 2021

“Autumn Equinox” ST.ART Magazine, Fall 2020

“Long Drive Home” The Pub, Fall 2020

Arts & Culture

BirdsNest Review (2022-2023)

Kimono Reinvented

Curio: Hidden Gems

A Woman’s Touch

ST.ART Magazine (2020-2021)

Weaving Memory: Fiber Art and Racial Identity

Les Femmes de l’Impressionnisme

La Mer: The Sea in Literature and as a Feminine Force

Black Art, Black Dignity: Celebrating Women Artists of Past and Present

Gwen John: Of Portraiture & Passion

The Reopening of the City Art Centre

— Podcasts & Interviews —

“Beauty in the Ordinary” Wheaton Magazine, Summer 2022