40 Days: Journeying to the Light


so it was

in an infinitesimal moment

that circumscribes the rise and fall of miraculous kingdoms

we will never read of in agèd manuscripts,

in the span of an aching heartbeat,

the whirling descent of an eyelash detached,

all dawdling ceases & the grey periphery transforms,

shifts to unragged focus


[40 days]

divine revelation, submission, sickening tumbling sensation

wrenching heart palpitation, full surrender, transformation

pleading, “no, not ready yet, not ready”

yet born equipped

to stand,


alive to You,

shame stripped away,

for there is no place now

for loathing in Your glorious light.

In my weakness, You shine all the brighter.


I am wishing I was elsewhere

when I can barely manage to be here.

the sweet hypocrisy of the divi           ded self

My limbs quiver like tree boughs

in these unforgiving gelid gusts

and sap creeps into my aching veins,

so please forgive me if I shudder

and cannot look you in the eye.

there is a tempest present you cannot detect

Benumbed, I can do nothing in particular

save chip myself away, piece by p