Harbour Island + Paradise Island

It is such a joy to reflect on this trip, which was truly one of the highlights of my senior year as a whole. Our memories made in the Bahamas shall last a lifetime.

The Cocoa Coffee House is the gem of Harbour Island, offering some invigorating Starbucks-esque coffee options alongside fresh smoothies and açaí bowls as well! The upstairs patio area offered a lovely view of the marina and the vividly bright nearby mural, which you can view below!

Do you recall that oft-quoted adage about doing as the Romans do when in Rome? Well, on Harbour Island, the primary mode of transportation is via golf cart! Hopping aboard the tiny but mighty vehicles, our group embraced the locals’ way and explored the island, especially reveling in its acclaimed “pink sand” beaches. There are quotations placed there for a reason, dear readers. The sand was, to put it lightly, underwhelmingly rosy, but the beaches were absolutely beautiful nonetheless!

Sampling yummy (virgin!) Miami Vice daiquiris and encountering the mystical concept of island time firsthand as we waited roughly an hour for our lunchtime meal at Queen Conch, we vivaciously experienced all that Harbour Island had to offer — an area very reminiscent of quaint Seaside, Florida without the hustle and bustle of its busy summertime season. Overall, I believe that we, as a group, left our mark on this spectacular place. We at least left a shoe there… and there was also a certain incident regarding a golf cart collision…

On our final day, we ventured out to Paradise Island to experience the aquatic thrills of Atlantis. Urged to unplug from technology and savor our final hours of fellowship and frolicking in the sun, I have no pictures to chronicle our time spent there. All I can say is that I strongly recommend prioritizing the exhilarating waterslide that travels through shark-infested waters, The Serpent, and befriending the stray cats that roam free.

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