Senior Trip to the Bahamas

After spending a duration of eight days in the Bahamas, I feel refreshed in every possible way. This trip indubitably confirmed my love of travel and adventure, leaving me desperately longing for further exploration and increased interaction with cultures differing from my own. I also gained a tremendous amount of clarity as I faced a week without any internet usage whatsoever. My mind was greatly decluttered, and I truly encountered an overwhelming feeling of peace and belonging amidst God’s splendid creation. He is faithful, regardless of geographic location. Latitude and longitude mean nothing in the span of His mighty grace.

 1/12/17 – Journal Entry

Last night, the Lord clearly whispered to me, “I love you.” In this place of disconnection, I am still intricately linked to the Father. Ridding myself of distractions makes me more perceptive regarding His voice. He looks over my shoulder, pointing out His wonders. Laughter and youth in the midst of broken glass. Stars, pinpricks of light in an ebony sky, above. Trees rushing past bus windows, memories and years flashing by… and the people who truly matter, constant and steady throughout it all. The Father is the Giver of Life, and He is good.

My journey cannot be concisely summarized in one blog post; it’s impossible. I had far too many intriguing experiences and snapped far too many pictures for that. Instead, I will proceed island by island, explaining the wonders of each one.

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